[NOT A BUG] In Edge page is not the right format size

Today when I opened up Postcrossing in Edge it is smaller on the page then usual. I have a different size for formatting because I am getting old and smaller type tires my eyes. When I opened in Firefox it was the size I prefer. When I checked other pages in Edge they were my preferred formatting.
Has something changed? Is there a way for me to reformat the page?

In Explorer? Do you still use Internet Explorer?? :open_mouth:

No I am old and never remember technical names. I am using Microsoft Edge. I fixed the name - Sorry

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I don’t use Edge, but can’t you make it bigger with Ctrl and +

I’m not very familiar with Edge, but somewhere on the menus there should be a zoom option — make sure it’s on the size you’d like. That should do the trick.

Figured it out - Thanks everyone

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