[NOT A BUG] Images not loading

Hello! None of the photos from any topic are loading. I would upload a picture but that doesn’t show for me either, but let me try:

It just shows a broken link image and the name of the file, that can be clicked on but that brings up a grey screen that says “image could not be loaded”.

I’m on Chrome on a Mac and I have no extensions running that I can see that would interfere. However, when I browse the forum using the Discourse app, there is no such problem.

Thank you!

Edit: haathi suggested changing VPN location, so I changed from Hong Kong to Australia and now the images are loading. Hmmm!

Edit: now again not working. But if I turn off VPN it’s loading. Curiouser and curiouser!

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I’d say it’s definitely a problem on your end and not the PC site itself.

President Xi Jinpin is scrutinizing your photos… :rofl:


Jokes aside, had it been true that it’s something to do with Xi then I wouldn’t have had the same issue :sweat_smile:

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President Xi Jinping not like you photos :joy:

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Hello, today I have found that images of postcards aren’t being displayed. There’s just a placeholder, when I click on that I get a slightly larger box saying “image of postcard XXX”. This is all postcard images, not just ones I have uploaded.
I normally use Edge. I tried Chrome and that wasn’t displaying user avatars either!
EDIT - it was alright when I first logged on this morning. Also the emails I have received this morning notifying me of the postcards I have requested aren’t displaying the recipient’s avatar either

Hello again
Around 15.20 GMT the problem suddenly resolved itself. So, hopefully panic over! :grin:

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