[NOT A BUG] Forum being flagged as malware on my phone

My virus protection on my phone flagged the forum as malware:


Maybe dont use the postcrossing app? Or maybe use your computer/laptop?

That’s strange.
I use Eset, too, latest version (just had a look) and made a manual scan just now. Nothing was found, so I’m wondering if it is a certain ad on the site or maybe your device was already infected (hope not)?


An ad - I didn’t think of that, I hope that is the case.

I hadn’t opened the app in several days, I don’t think, so maybe that rules it out.


I can not see what’s being displayed on the forum page where that showed up, but it could indeed be that it is complaining about some ad displayed in Postcrossing, although that would be odd as the ad networks we use (mainly Google) are pretty strict about that sort of thing.

If you are able to screenshot whatever ad is displayed (don’t click on it) when you get that warning, it may help for us to look into it as we may be able to report it to the ad network (it depends on whether it’s easy to identify).

This assumes however you are not getting any similar warning anywhere else (besides the forum). If you do, then it could be something else installed on your device. The ad option is an easier (even if unlikely) explanation though.

The Discourse app is just a simpler wrapper to display the forum website (the main advantage of it is the notifications). So if the issue is coming from ads, using the Discourse app or not should make no difference.


I wasn’t actually using the forum when this happened, unless it was sneakily running in the background - I don’t think it had been opened in a few days.

But I’ve run the virus scan since and it found nothing, and no one else seems to have the same problem, so :person_shrugging:

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