[NOT A BUG] Deleted image of a postcard

I recently encountered one inappropriate (erotic) postcard on the official website, I didn’t report it, but somebody did. So the image got deleted from the site by receiver, I presume.

Then I discussed it with other postcrossers in telegram chat. Since the image was deleted, I couldn’t refer to it, but I found the ID in sent category and shared the link (on website you just see from whom and to whom it was sent, but no picture). But on telegram preview there was a picture! So you could click and see it, even though it was deleted.

I’m not sure whether it’s a bug or it’s meant to be like that (picture still stays in the system/page somewhere even after deletion)

Some platforms may cache a preview (which can include an image) of a URL shared by someone so that it is not always fetched when the URL is shared. I expect it to eventually expire and a new version to be fetched from Postcrossing, but it’s outside of our control.

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