[NOT A BUG] Dark mode don't work

I’ve been using Dark Mode since the beginning and today, when I joined, I was forced to switch to the normal version, as Dark Mode is not working properly. A mix of dark gray and white appears, keeping the letters in a light gray, making the texts almost imperceptible.
I’ve already updated, logged out and logged in again, and the error continues to persist.

The Postcrossing version appears to me without any inconvenience.

I had that happen once and it was not a Postcrossing bug.

For me it was a browser plugin interfering somehow. (from one day to another, most probably after an update. Now it’s working again)

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Dark mode is working for me. I agree it is not a Postcrossing bug.

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Thanks for your reports.

I remove the flash reader and it’s normally working now.

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Where you fine dark mode?

Go to preferences → Interface → Theme and select Postcrossing (darker)

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