[NOT A BUG] Combined post reply notifications (probably from deleted replies)

the notification list combines notifications of replies to my posts. I have a “2 replies” (or more) in my list of notifications.
When I click on it, I think I get to the first of those replies.


now I try to read the second reply of the combined notification.
If I click on that combined notification I get back to the post which I assume is the first of those two replies.

How do I get to the second one of those replies I’m notified about?
The post the first reply is about has just one reply listed below the post.

the second reply may already have been deleted, but the notification stayed as if it is still active.

So this may be a bug that notifications of the original post-author doesn’t get changed if there are less replys later on, because of reply-deletions of the reply-author or moderators.

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Hum, I don’t think there’s a way to jump to each of the individual (grouped) replies that you got a notification for. Imagine that there was 10 replies, how would that work? There would have to be 10 individual notifications, which would the defeat the grouping. The grouping is useful to go to the first, and it’s also useful that it mentions how many there might be, but I don’t think it’s designed to take you to each individual one (eg: by clicking on it again). Once you go to the first, most likely the others are shortly afterwards. Or you can go back to your own post (the one being replied to) and expand all the replies in there:

As for the mention of 2 replies and only finding one, I think your guess might be correct (although I’m guessing too): possibly it was deleted in the meantime. I would have to look at a specific example and within the 24h timeframe (before posts disappear) to check, but it’s likely that.

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Like jumping to the first unread reply on each following click, as the first one should be marked as read when it’s shown to the user. - and so on, just by clicking the combined notification again. Marking the notification as done when all of the replys have been viewed.

I understand what you mean, but other subsequent replies could be marked as read (as well) if they show on the screen while seeing the first one (although not necessarily read).

I think that behavior could be more confusing when one expects that each click on the notification to move forward by one (or even to the next unread) as as there’s always some level of guessing by the system on what was read based on what may have been shown on the screen at some point (eg: how long is long enough?).