[NOT A BUG] Checkbox bug when drawing addresses

I just encountered a weird bug. When I am drawing addresses on the official site and I check the box “I have read the notes…” while the bar that shows how many postcards I have already traveling is still doing the animation, it deselects when the animation ends. I am using Samsung Browser.

I’m not familiar with the Samsung Browser, but it seems to be currently based on Chromium so it should behave somewhat like Chrome. Can you check that you are running the last version of the Samsung browser (25.0)?

In any case, the checkbox status should be independent of the bar animation, so this is more likely a bug in the browser than in Postcrossing. Not sure we are able to do much about it I’m afraid.

Interesting :thinking: Yes, I am using the latest version. Thank you, once again it reminded me why I don’t do frontend :sweat_smile:

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If you are a developer, then this might help understand the context: the bar animation is a simple CSS animation which starts automatically when the page loads (no javascript involved). The checkbox, well, it’s a regular html checkbox with no special javascript events or anything. There’s no interaction between the two and AFAIK, CSS animations shouldn’t reset form state, specially since they are applied elsewhere on the page.

In other words, I have no idea why Samsung Browser is doing that, but I don’t think it should! :sweat_smile:

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