[NOT A BUG] Birthdays missing at the cakeday list

While I’m preparing the Birthday topic for the German forum, I noticed that the cakeday birthday list does not show all birthdays of active participants of the new forum, although they are listed in the profile on the main page.

Is this a bug or should the cakeday only show a selection (I can’t really imagine that) ?

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I think it shows only those birthdays that have been added to the forum profile. (Above the national flag option).


Yes, I wrote it :wink:

Edit: Sorry, you meant the forum profile - yes that could be.

Sorry, I thought you meant the official site profiles :grin:

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We must have written this at the same time :grin:

It only shows the birthdays from the forum profile. That piece of information is not imported from the main site. I noticed it a few days ago.

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:ok: problem solved :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you Kanerva and Cassiopheia.

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Currently there’s no way to import the birthday field from the main website into the forum profile, so it only shows when set on the forum; it would also be a bit tricky with the visibility settings for that since on the main website one may fill it but only shown it partially (eg: just day&month) which isn’t doable here.

At some point we also would like to sync the sign up date in Postcrossing so that the Anniversaries would match the Postcrossinversary, but alas, also not something that is easily doable so it will have to wait.


where can i see the cakeday?

On the top right corner, open the so called “hamburger” menu — that’s the 3 horizontal lines button. That will bring up a menu and in there you’ll find the Cakeday section.

thank you much!

Wow, that would be so awesome :heart_eyes: