[NOT A BUG] Being logged out frequently

Not sure if this is a bug (maybe just more of a design flaw?), but I wanted to bring this up just in case.

When I receive a “Hurray” message in my email through my mobile device, I have the option of replying by tapping on the blue “reply” button in the email. However, when I try to do this, I am redirected to a new tab (I’m using Safari on my device) and I’m not able to send a “reply” because I am required to log in to the site each time. I can log in, but then I’m sent back to the home page, rather than returning to the page of the member’s profile (of whom I wanted to reply to).

I haven’t tried doing this via the desktop version, so that would be something to check on as well. (My email doesn’t work as well on desktop for some reason, so I couldn’t run this experiment personally.)

I believe it’s the same on desktop as well

What I do is after I log in to Postcrossing, I close the tab, then go back to the email and click reply again. It will redirect to the member’s profile with the subject line Re: XXXXXX (where XXXXX is the id number)

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Thank you for the response and the idea for a work-around of the issue. I feel like this isn’t a very user-friendly solution, however. (Perhaps instead of it being in the bugs thread, it should be listed in the suggestions thread for future programming?)

I believe if you keep yourself logged in on your device, it should direct to the member’s profile when you click reply.

Perhaps you could try that?

I have it selected to “remember me” every time I log in on Safari. But, selecting that “reply” option in my mobile email opens a brand new tab in Safari. Therefore, the “remember me” feature doesn’t help.

It only happens if you are logged out when replying and there is no work-around I guess. If you stay logged in, it works without problems. I never log out of Postcrossing on my device, the reply button always worked without a new log in prompt.

Could it be because I’m logging in on both my desktop and mobile device on different occasions, therefore it logs me out on my mobile device because I’m logged in on the desktop?

I don’t think so, I have Postcrossing on both desktop and mobile and they work together

Do you close the Postcrossing tab every time you stop using your device?

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I do not. It seems as though it’s opening a brand new Safari tab each time I hit that “reply” button, though.

Perhaps it’s an issue with the device settings? (If so, it would be helpful to have that information available for others, as well.)

Is the new tab a “private” tab (inkognito mode)?


Yes! It is private browsing mode for every tab! (I should have mentioned that detail sooner!)

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That’s the reason why!


Yay - problem solved :tada::partying_face:


Ah! Okay. Thank you! I feel like we need a page that explains mobile device settings for Postcrossing use! :rofl:

It works the same on desktop :slight_smile:

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I keep a tab open all the time for postcrossing and just log back in each time it boots me out. When I get a Hurray message and click the blue tab to reply it takes me directly to the reply. I’ve never used a desktop computer for Postcrossing at all… The main glitch I get is not being sent Hurray messages or ID numbers at all sometimes.