[NOT A BUG] As a host - editing/updating an RR - receiving an error message

Hey all,

This just started yesterday. When I am updating one of my RRs, I have two windows open - one to follow posts in order and the other to edit a tracking post in the same RR. I’ve never received this error message until yesterday when updating. I’m not sure if this is a forum issue or if my computer is being wonky (as it’s been acting weird lately.) There is no other draft window open, so I don’t know why this is giving me errors.

This is not normal and I have just tested it with Firefox and with Google Chrome, but it does not happen with me.

Please write here which browser you are using - @Paulo might need this information.

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@paulo I am using Firefox and it recently updated. Yesterday’s update in the RR was the first since Firefox updated so that’s probably why…

Also, it doesn’t happen immediately. It usually happens after I’ve gone back and forth a few times.

This is the full image that shows the one side is normal, the other side I am editing. These are the only two tabs (edit: WINDOWS) open.

Is it possible that you have two windows open to edit and /or write your text? This message occurs in this case.

It sometimes happens to me when I’m editing one of my RRs. While doing this I sometimes will quote someone and than I also get this message because you can’t have two different windows open where you can write.

Hope you’ll understand what I mean :see_no_evil:

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No, I have done that before and am aware I cannot do that. I literally have one window open to the RR on the right, and another window of the same RR, but the one I edit, on the left.

All I do on the right is ‘like’ the person’s post. I do this for two reasons:

  1. It helps me track where I’ve been, and
  2. It lets the participants know that I’ve seen their post.

Then please test it without liking the posts.

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I often get the same message when I’m just posting in a thread. It seems to come up when I’m taking a long time to write. The first time it happened I clicked “Reload” and lost what I had already typed. Now I always click “Ignore” which gets it out of the way and lets me continue typing. Sometimes there are two or three of them stacked on top of each other, and I have to click “Ignore, ignore, ignore.”

In my case I’ve been assuming it was related to my poor internet connection, though I could be wrong.

Yeah, when I hit ignore, then it wouldn’t save.

Actually, so I tried updating the August Big 50 and got about 5 posts in when I got a little message in the bottom left corner that said drafts offline. Then after saving that screen shot, the reload message popped up again, and then after saving that one, there was a drafts error message in the bottom left corner. Then I couldn’t get out of any screen, I couldn’t even upload the images of the screenshots, so I did what I should have done before I even wrote this post, which was to restart my computer. :rofl:

It seems to have fixed the error as I went back into August Big 50 and continued to update to trigger the error and was able to finish updating completely, while also ‘liking’ the posts and didn’t have any issues. Maybe a fluke, maybe not? I still have other RRs & Bingo’s to update, so will do those to see if the error triggers again.

Thanks to everyone for your help and suggestions thus far!

Sorry to only have noticed this now. It’s tricky to help with these cases because it’s hard to reproduce.

I think Discourse doesn’t play very well with having multiple windows open on the same topic if you open the composer window in one of them: from then onwards, several events (tiny page updates) may cause the page (with just posts) to refresh and it will load the composer even if you hand’t open it there. Since at that point you’ll have two composer windows, it will complain as it wouldn’t know which draft text to save.

Depending on which category of the forum it is (not the games, as that requires login), you may get away with doing this by using an incognito window for only viewing the posts, and a regular window to write the message — that prevents Discourse from opening the composer window on both. It’s a bit cumbersome and there may be easier ways to do this but that’s the one I can think of right now.

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