[NOT A BUG] About how the del- and the ins-tag work

When I try to format my text, I get different results, than it should:

If I want to mark the text RED, the text is automatically crossed out , but it should only be RED, not crossed out!

If I want to mark GREEN, the text is automatically underlined, it should only be green, not underlined!

I noticed that since the last Forum update Discourse 3.0!


Yes, you write …


… and there, where rot is typed, there is you text, which should be red.

Here it is from the German help:

It is for colouring, I used it all the time, since the update it doesn’t work.

For sure it is crossed out, because it doesn’t work on every site like this. The format is also there. Before update discourse 3.0 it was always without underline and not crossed.

This was a screenshot, before it went wrong, there you can see, it isn’t crossed out or underlined.

I use the red and green in my own topics and it was always “only coloured”. If you say, it has nothing to do with the update, okay, but I can tell you, it is since then.

And here you see, it happened at that time.

See here, not only me noticed:

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:roll_eyes: !!!



The <ins> and <del> tags were never meant for coloring only: their purpose is to indicate an addition (insert) and a removal (delete). They are typically used to display computer code edits, but can also be used in a text like in a wiki revision to highlight what content was, e.g., deletedremoved and what was insertedadded. That’s why there’s only two colors btw! :stuck_out_tongue:

Trusting their presentation was not the best option as it can vary over time to mean the same thing (add/remove). Discourse changed their presentation and may do so again in the future and technically it is correct for the purpose those tags exist.

If the purpose is to highlight something, use bold, italic, or even ## headers or > quotes. Even if the particular presentation for that may also change over time, it’s purpose is still to highlight text, so it won’t become unreadable.


Thank you @paulo for explaining! :smiley:

That’s good to understand. A little bit sad for me, I liked to use this way of “colouring” really, but it’s a logical technical basis. :roll_eyes: :pleading_face:

Not a bug! :lady_beetle: :rofl: