[NOT A BUG] 13 e-mails about one private message

I got a private message from another user, but I got 13 e-mails about this one message! I cannot imagine that this user really sent me the message 13 times, they’re all the same message and all the 13 e-mails arrived to my mailbox at the exact same time (23:55). Pretty sure this is a bug!


Sorry for only replying now. It’s very unlikely we would have sent multiple copies of the exact same email (nobody else reported this issue so far), but we need more data to look into this like the original email headers to know more.

If you get in touch through the contact form we can try to help. But, if it hasn’t happened again since, then most likely it was a temporary glitch somewhere and it got fixed in the meantime.

Hi Paulo,
Thanks for the reply! I haven’t experienced this issue since my original post so I assume it was a one time glitch indeed. :slight_smile: Thank you for your reply anyway!

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