No USPS service to Australia? closed

Watching MSNBC, Rachel Maddow reports that USPS is no longer offering mail service to Australia. The USPS site seems to confirm this. Anyone have any more information? What about mail FROM Australia TO the US? I know we have this problem elsewhere, but I’d love to know other people’s suggestions.

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This was reported in the news here a while back, although it was about packages (internet shopping) - I don’t think letters were affected at that time.

Just checked my sent cards, the most recent one I had from the US was sent 6 Oct (received 21st), which is actually really fast compared to recent months.


I just pulled a postcard from the US out of my mailbox. It was posted on or after 7th October. So 21 days or less travelling time :partying_face:.

This is the latest info I could see regarding mail from the US on the Aust Post alerts page:

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This is listed on the USPS website as updated 10/25/21:

“*Australia’s service disruption affects Priority Mail International® (PMI), **First-Class Package International Service® (**FCPIS®), Commercial ePacket (CeP), International Priority Airmail® (IPA®) packets, International Priority Airmail® (IPA®) M-Bags, International Surface Air Lift® (ISAL®) packets, International Surface Air Lift® (ISAL®) M-Bags, and Airmail M-Bags.”

See: International Service Alerts - Newsroom -

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An interesting topic, which prompted me to check my stats - The last time I received a card from the US was one picked on 20 August, and my wife is in the same situation . So either our address was not given out since then, or mail from the States is getting to us very slowly or not at all.

I read the alert on the USPS site. It seems the affected mail to Australia involves Packages that are sent via Priority Mail International or First Class Mail International. Of course, spotty service regarding postcards and envelopes are a given when clowns are running our postal system.

As soon as I heard Rachel mention it, I tried to find out more info. According to everything I read, it affects Priority Mail and packages, but given DeJoy propensity for dismantling the USPS, I wouldn’t be surprised if everything with an Australian address is piled up somewhere. I currently have 2 postcards traveling to Australia (sent October 12 and 15). I put my return address on all my cards and they haven’t been returned.

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After two price hikes and delayed delivery :truck: times all happening in 2021 — now this!

i had spoken to our postmistress about this issue. she made a call and then told me it is only for packages or very large envelope which require a custom form. along with australia, new zealand and a few other countries are included:
International Service Alerts - Newsroom - About.usps.com1120rx3_gaZmFsc2U._ga_3NXP3C8S9V*MTYzNTQ0ODQ5Mi4xMy4xLjE2MzU0NDg2MDMuMA…

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