No stamps available in post offices for US, RU, JP, AU, NZ & CA

About 5 months ago the Spanish Postal services raised the cost for the above 6 countries from € 1.75 to € 2.10. Until now they have not edited a stamp for the new rate.
For over a month I have been going to the post office to send my cards. Every time I ask about stamps, I get the same answer. There are no stamps available and every card or letter has to be handed over at the counter.
Online I have found out you can buy stamps that match the new rate in the Correios shop. To buy them however you have to make a profile. And to make a profile you need a cell phone from Spain. I spend several months in Spain (Calpe) every year but I am Belgian and don’t want to buy a Spanish cell phone. (I don’t even have a Belgian one.)
Can anybody tell me why the Spanish post doesn’t sell stamps for the US ? Several questions to the staff in the Calpe post office have always the same answer : “Madrid obliges us to sell only machine stickers for those 6 countries.”

There are not other Correos offices near you where you can ask? I thought they had the 2.10€ stamps in all post offices, i live in a small town ( smaller than Calpe) and they have them here.

Hi there!
What I always do is I go to “Tabacos” shop and ask for stamps that can add up to 2,10€, so for example they sell me stamps of 0,55€ + 0,55€ + 1€ = 2,10€. Same for stamps of 1,75€ value and others. Just keep in mind that not every Tabacos shop has stamps, you need to check out several to make sure they sell stamps and tell them you want number value of stamps so that it adds up to 2,10€, and make sure you know in advance what stamp value each country has since shop assistants in Tabacos have no idea about that.


Thank you hola_olaa, I will try some tobacco shops in town. The other values - tarifa B & tarifa C - are available in the post office.
There is only 1 post office in Calpe. So if the tobacco shops can’t help me, I might try the Moraira or Altea post office.
Thank you both for the information.

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Oh, tobacco shops send stamps in Spain? Interesting!
I am not Spanish, but I just want to congratulate you all ; 2,10 euros for one stamp! Wow… I already think that it’s expansive in France with 1,65 euro. You are courageous and passionate! I advise you to go to Lithuania, a very nice country, and stamps for abroad cost 0,71 euro :blush: :lithuania:
Anyway, I just want to say that I really respect you dear friends of Spain! BRAVO!