No space for writing on the postcard - help!


Recently I got a couple of beautiful, high-quality, sturdy postcards that I think would suit those that like to receive fantasy-related cards. However, there is one problem with them… there is no space on the other side of the card for writing! Examples bellow:

I was not aware of this before I ordered them and now I’m wondering if there is any possible way to still use them. At first I thought I could just glue some empty paper, put enough decorations and “make” the space for writing myself - but then I’m worried the receivers might think I’m reusing old cards or consider these “not real” postcards.

Maybe there are some more experienced postcrossers that could shed some light on this situation - should I just keep these as a wall art for myself or try the above method and send them; would you be okay to receive such a postcard, etc. Any help and answers would be appreciated!


Yes, I’ve had the same thing happen sometimes with cards I’ve ordered & I’ve always glued or taped paper or gotten a big address label to put over the images/words so I could add a message & the address.

It may have meant to have been a light watermark that you could have written over, but it’s frustrating when that happens.

And most people would be fine to receive a card with paper or labels on them.


Is it an idea to send the card in an envelope? You can then include a piece of paper on which you write that you don’t know any other solution to still be able to send this card.
Have fun with postcrossing!


Lovely cards, but I would have the same worries. Most probably I wouldn’t use them for official Postcrossing, but open a swap offer for them here on the forums. Then the recipient can choose if they want them “unwritten” in envelope or covered up and written on. And nobody will be disappointed :slight_smile: Personally I’d love to receive / swap for one of them!


I thought your postcard was beautiful and I love dragon I wouldn’t mind receiving it anyway because it would spoil the image. I think just looking at them fills my heart :heartbeat: and I think sometimes an image speaks much more than a written message. :thinking:it’s my opinion and thoughts sorry if I said nonsense :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:


Firstly I would give feedback to the maker of these card, that there should be space for message and address in a postcard. Otherwise it’s more like an art print.
I am sure many persons would like to buy these perhaps. (This is also a reason why I like to see both front and back of the card in a web shop.) The feesback would benefit the artist this way. Maybe also little refund to you? It is normal to think that if you order postcards, these could be sent.

But, I have receiver a card almost like that. The sender put my address on right hand lower corner and wrote the message where there was empty room. Also she did not know it was like that, and thought they would not be filled. It was ok to me. I was happy it was not covered by a label or paper as there was information about the art and yet still a lovely message written there.


Not sure if this is considered advertising and not allowed here :innocent: If so, please delete :upside_down_face:
Maybe you can buy something like this in your country?
I order the stickers online, the cheapest price for a set of 10 is about 3.50 euros.
To me it looks neater than just a glued-on piece of paper.


Oh wow, I didn’t even know such thing existed! It definitely looks like a good idea to me, I’ll look for them :smiling_face:


If I was you I would first contact the store and explain that they can’t sell these as postcards and they’re unusable as ones.
I would ask for another set of cards if the backside wad for examle too dark on accident instead the kind you can write over.

I understand your worries about people thinking you might re-use cards if you glue paper to it and I understand your feelings. But you know the truth and if they don’t like it, it’s their problem. But you can always explain in the message, the story of the postcard.


I was once asked to protect the front of a card by using washi tape & a piece of paper to cover it. I had an ad/free card of the same size, so I used that instead of paper (which may tear more easily). I placed the two cards together and put washi tape around all four edges. With these cards, if you have an unwanted card with blank space on the back, you could cover the writing side, and write your message on a different card. It becomes a single card for mailing, but the washi tape can be removed when it reaches it’s destination. A wider washi tape would certainly work better for this than a narrow one. (For me, this costs the same as sending one card.)


Gorgeous postcards! Just had to say! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I would not mind. But you can find in my profile explicitly, that cards in an envelope or handmade cards are fine, too. I am sure that I am not the only one.
I like the idea of two cards bound together by Washi.

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I was going to suggest the same. I’ve had requests like this before, and they always arrive safety.

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I think sticking a piece (or pieces) of paper (with some good glue) for message + address is also a good solution. You don’t need to cover the entire surface so the person will see that you are not reusing an old postcard.

These cards are beautifu :heart_eyes:.


I have a similar problem. I bought maximum cards with important information about the postcard and the stamp on the back. I would like to receive this information for the recipient. So I use small pieces of paper for address, text and ID number, which I attach with removable washi tape. I stick the stamp in a place that contains unimportant information.


They don’t look like postcards to me, despite what the publisher calls them.

Looks like that was supposed to be a watermark and so you could write over it with a good pen (dark, distinct pen). Tell that to the publisher, but as much as feedback is useful in itself, it won’t solve your current problem. Maybe try first to use them for swaps in an envelope (or how the receiver prefers it in the swap).


awesome postcards, I’m sure lots of people would love to receive them for their front image.

you can buy sheets/packs of self-adhesive paper, the ones for printing labels (but not pre-cut for any specific label size), Lomond is a big and very good producer of them. you can normally find it in the same stores where you can buy printer paper. you can cut such sheets to any size (whole back, or just part of it), it’s very thin, it sticks to the card extremely well. I highly recommend it.


Your postcards are beautiful. I love dragons. We can exchange. Nothing if you stick a postcard

I’ve had the same experience! The seller described that they were postcards ( online shop) so I assumed on the back side there would be lines for address and place for stamps. So I bought 5

When they arrived, the backside had a lot of quotes and almost no space for stamps, address and messages :person_facepalming:t2:
Couldn’t be written, I think they only serve purpose as collective items or decorations.

Like as some have written above, I would refrain myself to use this type of card for official postcrossing (unless in their profile they are fine with any kind of cards, in envelope or not), but for swap and forum tag, why not? As long as you mention the condition of the card and send them the way how the receiver would like to receive. Those are beautiful cards btw :dragon_face::dragon: