No Postcard ID emails

I’m picking addresses at the moment and I no longer receiveve the Postcard ID emails which contain all the information of the recipient. It still worked at around 2 o’clock (CEST).

Anyone else experiencing this problem right now?

It seems to be a website wide error. I pulled one 1.25 hours ago and got the email fine. Just tried another and didn’t get an email.

Thanks! At least I know now that it is not just me. :blush:

Yep, same here…

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I’m using Outlook. Normal emails from other senders work fine. Not sure if only the Postcard ID emails are affected, or also others coming from Postcrossing …

I just received my email. The issue seems fixed.

Same here. Thanks for your support/info/help!

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There were some issues with one of our servers yesterday that delayed some emails, but they were all queued and delivered shortly after.

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