No official cards to my own country

Hello all!
I’ve had the setting to send postcards to my own country on for almost my entire time in Postcrossing. Usually, I have two to four postcards traveling to the US at all times but recently it’s been zero or one. Could this be because some of my postcards traveling domestically never arrived? The receivers haven’t been active on the site for months. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Maybe not even in the United States. Thanks so much. These are the countries all of my postcards are traveling to. I also have the setting on to send multiple cards to one country.

For me, it’s also only German addresses recently (because they sent a lot in December for the fundraiser) with both check marks in (repeated and own country). It will balance out eventually.

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Ohhh good to know thanks so much!!

Ironically, I drew a bunch of five addresses, all domestic, last night … (But those were #21-26 travelling or so).

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Same thing with me too. So many addresses of Germany, Russia, China. The algorithm to get the address needs to be more dynamic !

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I agree! I know that there are more postcrossers in those countries but just because I have the setting on to have multiple cards to the same country doesn’t mean I have to have five traveling to Germany at the same time : (. To be honest, I only have that setting on so that I can save money on postage when it comes to sending postcards domestically. I wish that I could get a wider range of addresses but because of this I can’t.

Jealous!! I actually just received three official cards from the US today so hopefully that means I’ll receive some domestic addresses!!

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That’s not how it works. If you have that option checked, the algorithm won’t consider the countries you already have cards traveling to. Instead, it gives you the first address “in line”, no matter the country. If you want more diversity, turn the option off. You might still get more than one US address at one time.
I have the option unticked and have 4x Germany, 9x Russia and 8x USA traveling among 36 other cards.


Oh good to know! Maybe I should uncheck that setting then

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I have had the setting of sending/receiving postcards in my own country for years, and still I have received only 3 and sent only 6.

Do not have the setting for repeated countries (ticked it off years ago).

Still I do get many to the same country.

I currently have 37 cards traveling (repeat/own country)…17 to the US, 9 to Germany, 7 to Russia etc…

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