No interest on topics from person

What can I do, when I no interest on topics from this Person I have the ID here to get? I would’t like to write.

You can write whatever you feel like in the postcard (or just a short message such as “happy postcrossing”), the topics are just suggestions/ideas usually, for people who don’t know what to write.


Just write about something you like, something that is important to you.
You don’t have to write about the topics in the person’s profile.


Hi, @Brikno. Welcome to the forum!
Postcrossing blog has the monthly article called “Writing prompts.”
It might give you some ideas for what to write on your postcard.


I write about my life. people did that before I had a profile


You can always write about the card itself. For example why you picked that exact card.


If you send a Viewcard you can explain What is on The Card.

Maybe everybody can See It is a church. You can write it is The biggest or the highest or The oldest or very beautiful Inside ( If it is true :grin:)
Or how Big The town is and where it is ( for example north or west …km from well known…For example 1 hour to Hamburg)

I Like information about The Card.


Usually in these cases I would just write about my day, or a hobby that I like, or how my life has been affected by COVID-19. I sometimes also just write about what is on the card and where I got it from.

Don’t worry too much as we are all different and we won’t always have similar / common topics to talk about. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome @Brikno!

The only obligation you have is to send a postcard.
The postcard doesn’t have to fit the preferences of the receiver. Sometimes we aren’t able to fullfill the wishes, for one reason or another. I know many enjoy fullfilling the wishes of the receiver, but it we can’t, that’s OK. Just send another postcard.
The message on the postcard doesn’t have to be about anything the receiver mentions in their profile. Write whatever you want. As mentioned earlier, you can find writing suggestions in the postcrossing blog. There’s also suggestions in the FAQ’s and in the old and new forum for instance. You can write about one of those prompts or about something else you feel like writing about.


I only talk about the interests of the person if I have something to say about them. I usually write more about the postcard I’m sending, what I did or am planning to do for the weekend, the last movie I saw, the weather, the news, etc.


I sometimes think when I get a profile like that it belongs to a child. So my message on the viewcard is just polite. Invariably, when my card gets registered, a child’s profile appears.

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You have no obligation to write on the topics that they suggest. You can write about whatever topic you like or feel the most comfortable with.

People might be interested in the stamps you used.


A few times I’ve sent postcards to people with interests completely different than mine, and once to a person who’s profile was virtually blank. :frowning: I either write about the card, or about my city, or about the rain or snow or sunshine on the day I write it. I’ll find something about my day that’s worth mentioning. If all else fails, just write "Happy Postcrossing! " I’ve gotten a postcard like that once, and while I’d love to have heard more from the sender, I was just glad to recieve a greeting.


Visualize a person you have just met. Make small talk . What would you talk about? That could be a start…:thinking:
Most members from the send /receive area are unknown. When we really have nothing in common I send my go-to scorpion postcard! I’ve been living in the desert for decades. Who even thinks about a scorpion from the desert!

So as @lauranalanthalasa, @Superchick3, and many others said, making it personal helps a lot too!

Good luck to you…
if you ever need a scorpion in your life…:blush:
~ Maria


A scorpion? An actual picture of a real scorpion? (Please please please don’t post a picture). I think a great number of people would find it really scary, I wouldn’t even be able to handle such postcard in my hands and would have to ask someone to register it for me… I really hope we have something in common if you ever draw my profile! :flushed:

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Once I got a postcard with only saying something like, “You are so opposite of me, I can’t think of anything to write to you”. Which is ok. I thought they are even more asocial than I, because that’s a weird thing to write. But when I looked at their profile, it says, they are the most sociable, talkative, get along with anyone, bubbly person, they never shut up (that’s scary). What makes me so special they have nothing to talk/write. They only are sociable with like minded? Not very sociable to “blame” me that they have no imagination to write something :smiley: in combination with their profile that’s the humor that hits me :laughing: