No good news from South Africa

That sounds promising, but you officialdom. I wouldn’t hold my breath :grinning: However, I’ve long since learned never to say never, so let’s hope for the best. Yes, good idea to move it to the international section. I sometimes lose my way around the pages of Postcrossing, but I’m sure I’ll find it o kay.

I’m deeply sorry to hear about the troubling state of the postal service in South Africa. I share your hope for a positive change in the future, and let’s remain optimistic that things will improve for Postcrossing enthusiasts in South Africa.

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Thanks for your good wishes. Yes, we’ll watch developments keenly and hope that Postcrossing can revive here.

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The press release sounds like the postal system is still working. Is mail being delivered? Is international mail being shipped out?

Hi Izzy2018
I don’t think any post is going out. In any case, my (first!) Postcrossing cards sent in the middle of last year some time didn’t reach their destinations. And the problem now also is that most Post Offices have closed and there don’t seem to be many post boxes around where you can post your letters. As for deliveries, I haven’t received post for a long time so I don’t many, if any, deliveries are still being made.

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Oh no! I was just thinking of inviting a South African to join my Stamp Out War project this year! The country did issue a lovely sunflower stamp in 2005.

Does anyone know if postmark can still be requested at the remaining post offices in South Africa?

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What a pity! I don’t see how any South African will be able to take part, but you never know. Somebody may have some way of getting letters posted.
Sorry, I don’t know if that’s possible.

I just received an official postcard from South Africa recently. It look a while, but it got delivered!


Good news Vandelion. I’m very glad to hear it. And it’s not really a slow crossing, 98 days is no problem. I posted mine in October of last year - and they’re still underway. I see WildHeather is in George down in the Cape. Maybe they’ve still got a Post Office down there that’s working, which would be great.


here are some recent cards sent from South Africa, if it helps.

Hi, there is still hope…I just had a card posted in October last year arrive in South Korea. And I’ve had a few posted in February arrive. We hope for the best!


Hey, that’s pretty good. There’s still hope, definitely. Thanks for letting me know.


Thanks for that, Vandelion. It shows some people are certainly managing to get their cards out and delivered. I’ll keep trying.


Good morning from South Africa

I have been a top fan of Postcrossing since 2014 and have enjoyed it tremendously, but recently our Postal Services have been grinding to a stand still.

The cards posted in March 2023 have still not arrived nor do I receive cards.

It will be a shame if my account gets close due to no fault of mine.

Any other Postcrossers in SOUTH AFRICA who are experiencing the same problem?



I hope for your sake that the SA post is working again as soon as possible. :four_leaf_clover:
I have only received one postcard from South Africa after almost a year.

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The postal service in South Africa really seems to be in a terrible state, which is a real shame. :pensive:

I’ve got a card travelling there for 212 days now. The user does receive cards every now and then with travel times similar to mine, so I remain hopeful for the time being.


Yes, it’s really sad. But we do actually hear positive news and reports sometimes (largely optimistic I suspect), but we keep hoping. And I have seen that there are Postcrossing members in South Africa who have sent quite a large number of cards, so perhaps there are still some routes open (sounds like escaping from a prison camp, doesn’t it!)


Hi Elsie

I think most (all?) South African Postcrossers are probably stuck in the same boat; I certainly am. Two of my postcards reached their destinations after about 300 days. And the other three (of my first five) are still floating about somewhere (in the Jo’burg sorting office?)

It’s such a pity.

By the way, I think if you keep logging in to the site from time to time, your account will stay active.

Best wishes,


Hi to all South African Postcrossers, don’t give up alol hope. I have just (August 23) received a postcard in my streety letter box (which actually hasn’t been stolen!) from Taiwan. Unbelievable, non? But yep, there it is. It took only six weeks to get here. This is the result of five cards I posted about a year ago. Two reached their destinations (taking around 300 days), and now I’ve had this one (my first) response. So keep posting, and “hold thumbs”, as we say.


This is very sad, but I still hope it can develop in a good way. Can we exchange a postcard? I haven’t received one from South Africa.

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