No good news from South Africa

No good news from South Africa regrettably. Our postal service has been deteriorating swiftly over the past few years. And the latest news is that the Post Office is going into liquidation. At this stage the Postcrossing future for us in SA looks bleak. Let’s hope for a change for the better!


Oh no, this is really bad news. But you can’t have a state without a postal system… It has to go on somehow. :pray:


oh, my! I’m so sorry. That is bleak news.

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Hi, thanks for your response. I agree, but unfortunately that’s the reality.

Thanks for your reply. E-mail has taken the place of letters, etc., and private courier companies do the delivery of all parcels, etc. locally. But ordering things like books from overseas sources and overseas post (Postcrossing) are gone. Tragic indeed.


I am so sorry. Really bad news.
I thought I would make a direct swap with South Africa one day…

Hi, you’re right, it’s sad. What sort of direct swopping were you planning? Swopping postcards?

Yes, with a postcard/postcards.

What a pity, I would have gladly sent postcards to you.

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Hi, I am very sorry to hear that… :pensive: :pensive: I hope that they will find a solution soon… :pray: :pray:

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That is very bad.

Is there any recent news?

I found this article from 13 April on the website of the South African Post Office, which promises hope

Or are there any later news?

I’m moving this topic to the international section, as it is a theme that concerns all postcrossers.


And I just pulled a South African address last month and was hoping to celebrate my 6th continent!:disappointed:

Oh, what a pity! But keep trying. I’m sure there are several African countries that haven’t yet degraded as much as we have. As for me, I sent out my first cards (3 or 4, I can’t remember) in the middle of last year, but none of them even reached their destinations, so my swopping success stands at impressive 0% :frowning:

Thanks. Let’s keep hoping.

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That sounds promising, but you officialdom. I wouldn’t hold my breath :grinning: However, I’ve long since learned never to say never, so let’s hope for the best. Yes, good idea to move it to the international section. I sometimes lose my way around the pages of Postcrossing, but I’m sure I’ll find it o kay.

I’m deeply sorry to hear about the troubling state of the postal service in South Africa. I share your hope for a positive change in the future, and let’s remain optimistic that things will improve for Postcrossing enthusiasts in South Africa.

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Thanks for your good wishes. Yes, we’ll watch developments keenly and hope that Postcrossing can revive here.

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The press release sounds like the postal system is still working. Is mail being delivered? Is international mail being shipped out?

Hi Izzy2018
I don’t think any post is going out. In any case, my (first!) Postcrossing cards sent in the middle of last year some time didn’t reach their destinations. And the problem now also is that most Post Offices have closed and there don’t seem to be many post boxes around where you can post your letters. As for deliveries, I haven’t received post for a long time so I don’t many, if any, deliveries are still being made.

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Oh no! I was just thinking of inviting a South African to join my Stamp Out War project this year! The country did issue a lovely sunflower stamp in 2005.

Does anyone know if postmark can still be requested at the remaining post offices in South Africa?