No anniversary entries in "cakeday" list

I went to the “hamburger menu” (3 horisontal lines) > Cakeday and poked around. I discovered that there are members listed if I go to “birthdays”, but none if I go to anniversary. I’m guessing that “anniversary” refers to our “postcrossing birthday”… Then I’d expect to see a list of those that have their postcrossing birthday there. But none shows up!

Maybe it is going by the date we joined this forum, not the date we joined Postcrossing.

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Indeed, it is the date of joining the forum. Not ideal, we know. But unfortunately there’s no good way for us to sync the date of joining Postcrossing to be the date of joining the forum.

More importantly would be perhaps to sync the birthday from the main website profile into here (when public). But alas, also no simple way to do that either. It’s on my to do list though — just not high priority.