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Thanks for reading this.

Where is the best place to get postcards from ? Ideally UK website.

Look forward to start sending them out and receiving them.

Many thanks


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Hi and welcome to the forum!

You might want to check out the section #postcard-mail:where-to-get-postcards, where you for instance can find the Online shops (wiki) thread.


There’s a great page on eBay called Cavalierpostcards. They’re U.K. based and I get all my postcards from there
Welcome and I hope this helps
Alisha x


Thank you all, I shall have a look.

Em x

Your city/town ect. you can get in the Post Office.

Welcome to Postcrossing, its worth trying Paperchase. I buy in store but you can get some online and some are 3 for 2 :heart_eyes:


Yes they are on etsy too…I always look at them but haven’t purchased yet. I may have to take another look and invest in some new year new postcards!! Good enough excuse to buy postcards :wink:



I have just done an order on there . Thank you very much. X

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The UK has great museums which sell their own postcards online. I can’t think of any names right now, but I bet if you google the best known museums in your area, you might find at least one who sells them.

I found many great postcards in the etsy, if you search postcards, there will be lots of results. Some of them may only have one, so maybe you can get an unique card!

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I’ve been getting mine from as shops are still closed. I always go for the ones with free delivery - usually they come 2nd class. I’ve bought some very interesting ones

There is also a website called Wuzci. It is a monthly description based website where you can send postcards within the UK every month. They have a lot of different cards of various artist (and the artist earn a fair amount of each card sold too) :slight_smile:
You can find it here:

I also have a profile there with cute postcards:

For newbies, I can recommend the German federal parliament or MyPostcard/Postnord Postcards for single postcards

For someone from Germany it is also recommendable to print your own (minium 10) postcards at dm Fotoparadies

PS. If you contact me through private message I can give you a 3€ Voucher for MyPostcard

When I first started, I bought a variety pack from Amazon. I’m in the US, but I just checked Amazon UK and they have some pretty decent pack (actually a little jealous because UK has more options!). This one and this one look like great options I’d recommend for someone just starting.

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These postcard sites where you enter the address so the card can be sent directly to the receiver are problematic in my opinion. You give the address to a third party which uses and stores the data on their servers - where, how long? I don’t want my address being given to a third party and wouldn’t do it without the consent of a person.

Btw, in the German part of the forum there’s a topic about online shops: Postkarten online kaufen (Shop for postcards online). :wink:

There are listed two shops in the UK:
The Postcardstore
Reynard Cards


I’m very pleased with my most recent purchase from a local Postcrosser @mihneaR



Thank you so much for your reco, dear Nique! :smiley: Happy to see happiness!

2 Likes бесплатная доставка открыток в России, Беларуси, Казахстане!

Check out . I ship worldwide :slight_smile: