New Zealand Post To Make 700 Posties Redundant

New Zealand Post are looking at axing 750 roles over the next five years. Posties (mail delivery persons) deliver mail to home three days a week. The posties use e-bikes and electric covered buggies. Parcels are delivered by couriers in larger vans. Posties will be phased out and the mail will be delivered by the couriers. You could get your parcel from Temu and postcards all in the same delivery. The couriers are most likely going to contractors to New Zealand Post. It’s New Zealand’s Post way to deal with the falling volume of mail items being posted.

It doesn’t seem overly efficient to drive a large van to an address to drop off one postcard. I also wonder if parcels will get priority over letters and cards. Perhaps the only upside could be that instead of mail being delivered three days a week it might be delivered on demand, but a day here or there makes little difference. Also my local postal outlet (inside a chemist shop) is closing mid-April. Two staff will lose their jobs due to the closure.

I feel for the 750 workers. Being a postie would be a role that they like and the hours might suit them. It’s a changing world. Progress they call it.


This makes me really sad to read :cry:

Yes, it sucks - privatization hurts postal services big time & hurts workers who will lose good paying jobs.

Wow that is really sad to read.
My postie is really good to me. He enjoys seeing my postcards and any mail art I receive, he has helped me with a solution to snails in my mailbox and he comes to my front door if there are any oversized items. I’d be so disappointed if people like him who are part of the community, lost their jobs.
Australia Post has reduced the number of delivery days and are prioritizing parcels. A postcard I sent from Melbourne to Sydney took over a week to arrive. Considering it is only an hour away by plane and there are plenty of flights to get mail on, this seemed like a long time to me!


That’s sad but a growing phenomenon.
In Mauritius, those who join as posties, leave the job as it is badly paid.

sad indeed!