New Zealand: No Mail Service to Quarter Of The World

New Zealand Post is not sending mail to 34 countries and is not receiving mail from 21. Finally a New Zealand journalist looks deeper into our declining postal system. Postal prices will increase again come the first of July, yet the service is not growing, declining.


Yes, thanks for sharing this - we’re going to have to push our gov’ts hard to maintain decent postal systems. They are a public service & should be accessible to everyone, but gov’ts are not looking out for the public good much these days sadly.

Cutting services & privatization are big threats, we must resist!

I’m glad the article talks about Amnesty International’s great letter writing work in freeing prisoners of conscience around the world. This mass letter writing has made a huge difference over the years & is a powerful way to put pressure on authoritarian or corrupt gov’ts to stop human rights abuses. We must be able to continue this work!