New Year's cards of the USSR era. Exhibition in the library

In Russia, it is customary to celebrate the Old New Year. In our city, the opening of the exhibition of Soviet postcards was timed to coincide with this holiday (13.02.2022). I was pleased to visit the exhibition. Now I am sharing the news published on the library’s website.

Information about the event is presented in Russian, so I will translate the text of the publication into English.

January 13, on the eve of the New Year according to the old style, in the Central City Hospital. M. Gorky, the opening of exhibitions of New Year’s cards from Pyatigorsk Liliana Avdeeva “Over the New Year to the old attic” and “Three white horses” took place. About 150 New Year’s postcards, New Year’s toys of the USSR era are presented at the exhibitions. One look at this bright miracle from the Soviet past is enough to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the New Year holiday. Svetlana Krusko, chief librarian of the maintenance department of the TsGB im. M. Gorky. And, of course, the story of the collector of the collection, Liliana Avdeeva, who told about her hobby, was interesting. She collected about 5,000 postcards, however, according to the rules of philocarty (collecting art postcards), not all of her collections are considered collections. One of the closest to her heart is a collection of postcards depicting a bear cub, which many call one of the national symbols. She has more than 900 such postcards. The postcards collected in accordance with the catalogs of the My Favorite Artists series are also very dear to her. Especially postcards with drawings by Vladimir Ivanovich Zarubin, which were published in the USSR with a total circulation of 1.5 billion copies! And also - postcards with drawings by Anna Ostapovna Gorobiyevskaya, which are also recognizable by many whose childhood, youth or adult years fell on an unforgettable, but increasingly moving away from us era. The participants of the presentation learned a lot of interesting things about each of the sections of the exhibition, about other wonderful artists whose drawings adorned postcards of the Soviet era, which differ from modern ones for the most part in indescribable warmth and sincerity. The audience was able to learn about New Year’s decorations, masquerade costumes and masks, which, like many other items of the Soviet era, Liliana Avdeeva collected and dreamed of creating a museum.


This sounds like a neat exhibition, and it makes me wonder whether Ms Avdeeva is already a postcrosser! Someone should let her know about the project — I think she would like it here! :smiley:

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Thank you for your help. I am a beginner, poorly oriented in the correct correlation of the topic.
Perhaps we can find her profile on the vastness of the site))))

Very nice exhibition. Thank you very much for this post.

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Thanks a lot for sharing. Very nice and lovely exhibition. Love the Isakov cards a lot in the last picture :heart:

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Thank you for sharing. We are always learning more about other countries - the history and cultures of other countries through postcrossing :slight_smile:

Hmmmm…I was in the USSR visting during the soviet years. My relatives lived there in Lithuania during the soviet times. Tis a hard pill to swallow. Interesting post…

What a lot of cute cards!
Thank you for sharing the wonderful exhibition. :bear: