NEW USA-USA Stamp Trade?

Hi, friends!
I don’t have many low-denominational U.S. stamp : (
I’m trying to get some in the 10-cent to 1-cent range. I have plenty of 5-cent stamps, so any value other than that one would be wonderful! I have a lot that are around 40-34 cents, so I would be willing to do exact value swaps for them! The ones, in particular, I am happy to trade are these:

I also have other varieties that we can discuss if needed.
I’m looking for new condition, still valid for being used as postage stamps. I would also include a postcard; we can make it a swap too. : )


I have lots - 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10 in vintage stamps, and 1 and 2 only in a couple of modern issues. I’d love to trade for quilt stamps, any amount. How many stamps do you want, and which denominations?

I would love any of those vintage denominations! Especially the 10s. Do you want to PM me and we can discuss the swap?