New US Global Stamp in 2021?

Does anyone know if there will be a US global forever stamp this year? I am pretty sure they come out every year. The last one to come out (the pink Chrysanthemum) was released in April 2020. In all of the articles about new US stamps coming out this year, I haven’t seen a global stamp : (. Could this be because of Covid? Or have they just not been announced yet?

I believe you can still buy the different kinds no matter the year. But I think they rotate which one to promote between the Poinsettia, Chrysanthemum and the Succulent, sooo I think maybe they’ll promote the Succulent in April of this year.

Ohhh, I guess I’m just confused because they have the years on them. I thought one is released every year lol

Yeah I wish they did, because then people probably wouldn’t hate getting them so much lol


I know : ( especially if the designs were just a little more interesting! I really like the moon global stamps! I like the Chrysanthemums but I just feel like they should be a little bit more show-y, especially because they are the special global stamps!!


Yeah I agree, or maybe have some commemorative stamps that equal $1.20 instead of having all the cool ones just be forever stamps.


I definitely don’t hate them :wink:


I wish!

I don’t hate them either!

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I wish they’d release a new one but I wouldn’t be opposed to re-releasing the succulent. I think it’s pretty and was just looking at ebay for it (it’s not on the usps website right now) and I’d have to pay almost $2 per stamp for it. :confused:

Since there isn’t a lot of variety in global forever stamps available, I have bought .75 cent and 1 dollar stamps to pair with postcard forever, regular forever, or low value old stamps to mix and match and get to (or just above) the current $1.20 rate. For some smaller postcards and longer addresses I really need to use the global forever for space lol.

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Global forever stamps come out (change) every 2 years. So the next one will not be until 2022

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The only one I much cared for was the Moon one (which, of course, you can’t get any more), though I think the Poinsettia and Chrysanthemum are fine. I’d really love it if they made a Postcrossing Global Forever stamp, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

…Though it might not be a bad idea to send a petition with a few thousand signatures on it to the Citizen Stamp Advisory Committee suggesting one.


I remember the first time I bought a sheet of Global Forevers I was shocked by their size. I’ve had plenty of cases where I accidentally forget to leave enough room for the stamp (I usually affix the stamp right at the end)!

When I feel like it I’ll use two domestic Forever stamps and two 5¢ stamps (I don’t have any 10¢ yet), but with the newly announced rate increases that won’t work anymore. Stamp math is about to get really fun…


I haven’t seen the succulent international forever on the USPS website in a long while… Retired?

I’m pretty sure it was replaced by the pink chrysanthemum international forever stamp.

The Global Stamps are definitely boring. Of course the Poinsettia is good at Christmas if your sending cards overseas. Right now, I use 2 first class forevers and a 10 cent stamp. Of course with the coming increase, 2 forevers will take an additional 14 cents…so…