New "How to Survive a Pandemic" book has a section about Postcrossing! 🇮🇩

There’s a new book that has just been published in Indonesia, titled “How to Survive a Pandemic — an Inspirational Memoir of Surviving, Struggling and Creative in the Covid-19 Period”. It’s an anthology from 35 writers who wrote their experience in this Covid-19 pandemic time, and how they can survive through this difficult time.

One of these writers is @Bravo8ss, who decided to write about his hobbies: Postcrossing and philately!

We can’t read Indonesian, but how cool is that?! :heart_eyes: We’re super proud of his contribution and hope the book does well in the future!


Pretty cool that Postcrossing is in a book about surviving the pandemic!

Someone might read that 50 years from now!


This is really awesome!

Big kudos to @Bravo8ss for immortalizing Postcrossing and for being published :partying_face:


Awesome! Super Cool! I joined Postcrossing BECAUSE of the pandemic and am so glad that I did! A friend in radio broadcasting recommended it to me.