New Forever Stamps

I received mail from @ladybug513 today with new Forever Stamps that are really cool, they have been marked meaning I am hoping a community member can help identify them and send me a fresh pair.

As you can see from this picture, one shows elephants beside a small flower and the other shows a game of baseball beside a building.


The elephants are from 2022

And backyard games from 2021

I don’t have either share, unfortunately!

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I love using the elephants…they are cute and a nice small size!


I have some of both of these - do you mean you want the sent in an envelope to guarantee they wont be postmarked? Im happy to do that if you give me your address.


@tpuchalski Thank you!

I’m glad someone has both of them. I no longer have any of the Backyard Games, but would have sent you the elephants!

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