New blue cat postcard: blue cat in China

I hear of this postcard were already sale now. But I’m not sure whether the news is true.


I would Love to receive one of those cards! :heart:

I’ve checked the Acards website, where I got a few Blue Cats cards recently. This specific series doesn’t seem to be on sale right now, but they’re probably sold on other websites, too.

I checked the sites where they print Zenyuk, I didn’t find such a thing. I also really want to join the collection :slight_smile:

I hear it will go on sale at the beginning of September.

You can buy them here:

They send worldwide :wink:

I don’t see the card that’s discussed here on that site?

That was the answer to Crystalline…

Please use English. Thanks.

I want to tell everyone. This postcard is only sale in China.

I’ve already bought some and maybe they will arrive in October or November.(๑ `▽´๑)۶

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Hey everyone

I have just searched the forum for an answer to my question and I think this topic suits itself: Who is the official retailer for Bluecats cards? I thought it was MyMagicard but I have seen other retailers as well. I am quite a bit confused by that.

Where is it ok to buy these cards (copyright issues?)?

I just received this card today…very cute, my very first blue cat card…wooot