Netherlands to Australia


Did you send a post card from Alkmaar, The Netherlands to Elermore Vale, Australia?

If so, I need your help.

The card has a picture of an author.

The problem is your hand writing. I cannot determine the ID# of the post card; it goes. NL- ??0200?

I’ve tried many times.

The signature could be Kot?yna or Hot?yna.

I think it is an n.

Have you tried contacting postcrossing support on the official site? - you might have enough information to help provide the ID for you!

Thank you. :). Yes I have, it is in their capable hands.
This is the number that I am trying to decode.image|340x97

Ok! I have finally worked it out. The strange numbers were a 4 and a 9.

It was hard. The numbers were written strangely,
(Her 1’s look like 7’s), and her r’s look like c’s and her n’s look like u’s. I couldn’t tell a H from a K.

It wasn’t hard for me to read at all I must admit.
A lot of European countries write ones like sevens, but sevens have a bar in the middle instead. Same for their variation of cursive …

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