Nelko Thermal Shipping Labeler - how to get it to work with PC

I bought a Nelko Thermal Shipping Labeler, but can’t seem to link it postcrossing addresses. I hit print address, and it puts pieces of the address on each of three 3"x2" labels, using only the top half of each label. Has anyone tried this?

The addresses that Postcrossing gives you are not set out for label printers.

Select the addresses and then print onto an A4 sheet of paper and you will see that they are all over the place on the sheet to maximize the amount of paper used.

Printing on labels is a copy and paste job of each address in my experience. Time consuming!

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I have a mini thermal address printer, less sophisticated than yours I think, but I use it via an app on my phone. I either screen shot the address or copy & paste it into a template or document on the app, and it prints out perfectly - would that be something you were able to do with yours?

Emma x

I have a Niimbot B1 and it works perfect.
I copy paste the address in the app and print the address labels.

I only use my label printer for non english adresses, but I also just copy and paste the persons address (from my emails as you can copy and paste there but not on the postcrosisng website). It works a treat and is super quick and easy :smiley:

I also copy & paste it from the emails to the printer software.

Super quick and easy, as soon as you used to it it takes you less than 10-15 seconds, depending on how fast your printer is.