Need your opinion on postcard choice for maxicard

I love making self-requested maxicards from the USPS when interesting stamps comes out, BUT I’m am so undecisive (almost in anxiety) with the “mystery message” stamp that is coming out next month Mystery Message in New Forever Stamps - Newsroom -
My guess it is because I just don’t have the PERFECT postcard for it :expressionless:
but here are some postcards I came up with

  1. Transformers- because the mystery message is “more than meets the eye” so it fits with the song, but these postcards are released my China Post, which seems weird with an official USPS stamp and postmark here
  2. Sherlock Holmes- because the detective is all about solving mysteries, and the quote seems fitting. But this is a $5 postcard I got at an exhibit (can’t get more of), so I really don’t regret it if the postal worker slipped a little and messes up the postmark (which does happen from time to time TT) also here
  3. 007 movie posters-because the stamp and postmark is related to the “international spy museum” in DC, so I think a famous spy fits, but he is British! here and here
  4. self-made word search and cross word puzzles at the bottom but a self printed postcard, on a self-requested postmark, with only the stamp being official is a bit TOO unofficial TT in my mind!

Arrgh!!! I don’t know what to do! I like the stamp and postmark, but don’t want a blank FDC, yet I don’t have the perfect postcard! What would you do? Do you have something that may be fitting?


also, another question. I’m thinking about making more Star Wars maxicards, but no longer have droid stamps with driods that appear in the movie of indicated on the postcard. My question is do you still consider it a maxicard if I have a Star Wars droid from later movies on postcards from previous series? Or do you feel weird about it?

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The first thing that came to my mind who would be a more appropriate choice of Spy for this type of Stamp would be ‘Jason Bourne’

After all for me (at least) Jason Bourne is the American version of James Bond, not mention they have the same initials.

But my input would only help if you had such a Jason Bourne postcard.
I hope what I said helps in anyway!

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sadly no I don’t have “Jason Bourne” postcards :sweat_smile: thanks for the input though! Love receiving ideas!

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This stamp is about deciphering, so my mind went to the Enigma machines used in WW2.
And maybe Alan Turing is a perfect fit for the title ‘more than meets the eye’?


Why stop at one? Why not do all that you like?

My faves of what you propose are the Sherlock Holmes and the word search and crossword puzzles. Not a fan of the transformers stamps or the Bond pretty boy posters, but that’s just me.

My rule of thumb regarding postcards is to buy or create what appeals to me. Some I keep because I love to keep looking at them. Others, I eventually find good candidates for treasuring them. I’m sure you will do the same.



Hi, Pei!
I have had similar questions about maximaphily, so I experimented with many options, solutions and answers. Even created my own options.
First, are you an obedient follower of the strict rules of traditional FIP maximaphily? If so, then you need a postcard with visual concordance, not abstract, for a postage stamp that depicts an alphabet letter.
Use the crosswords postcards.

Or, are you a free spirit, and like to create philatelic items as you please? If so, then you like non-traditional maximaphily, as I call it, where all those traditional rules are just an option, among many options.
Then you can create “philatelic souvenirs”/ non-traditional maxicards, even with ABSTRACT concordance of subject.

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