Need some help

Hey guys! Im looking at a sheet of GB stamps and dont understand what the ‘E’ value represents? Can anyone give a clue? Thanks!

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It stands for ‘Europe’ meaning it’s for the postage value to European countries from the UK.

Hope that helps! :blush:


Yes! That helps a lot! Seen it on other stamps now i know. Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

I am using “E” stamps fot the whole planet. It just travel a little bit slowly…

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It’s not true necessarily. For instance, Czech Post recently canceled the economy option for mail outside of Europe so the stamp E is not a sufficient postage for outside of Europe anymore

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well… I am still using it and it still works :smiley:

The stamps marked with an E do indeed refer to E for Europe, this is known as an NVI ( Non value indicator ). My understanding is that they should still be honoured at the Standard International Economy ( surface ! ) rate which is £1-45 up to 20 grams and £1-55 up to 100 grams. The issue is that many P.O counter staff are not aware of these stamps which have not been issued for some years. The risk is that if accepted the item could be delayed while they investigate the postage paid at any stage of the items journey through the Post, this has happened to me in the past. The best way around it is to write the postage you have worked out on the envelope so that that job is done for them as a fait accompli when you arrive at the counter. Personally I don’t use them preferring to use a stock of older or current First class commemorative to make up the £1-70 rate for a Postcard to Europe at Standard International rate which makes it so much easier at 2 X First class at .85 P to make up £1-70… Regards D