Need help with this one..🦠

Hello All,
Greetings from India This is Dev…

I Need help from you guys on this postmark.

It was from NAPEX philatelic exhibition.

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Here’s a link to the information on the postmark.


Terri (Vienna, VA) about 1 mile from McLean, VA

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Wow… many thanks for helping me with the info…:grinning:

I am trying to find 1 for my small covid theme collection, can you help me in someway to find those :slightly_smiling_face:

Send a picture and I’ll see if I can.

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I went back to the link I sent you before and it says there were 3 cancellation designs from that show so the 2 others you sent were the other 2 designs.

Hope this helps.

I’ll be happy to engage any time you might need help like this.



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Thanks Terri for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

Also can you please suggest where i can find this cancellation copies… anyone you can suggest…