Need help register a postcard

Just received this beauthiful postcard but the person didnt write his card number and no pseudo so i cant register it if someone can help me find the person ! Its a Julia from Germany ?! Thanks

image of the backside of the card removed by moderator, because it isn’t allowed to make it public according to the Community guidelines

Keep private information private.
The addresses given to you are private information and can only be used for Postcrossing purposes. Do not share them with anyone or make them public on the internet. This also applies to what is written on the postcards you have received, so please do not scan it.


Here is the link where you can request help from Postcrossing for a missing card ID#. This happens to everyone :slight_smile:


They’re able to make a lot of headway in finding the right number of the post card by using the link above! Fingers crossed

Please let the support search for the ID :arrow_right: Log in

According to the stamp cancellation I think I know who the sender ist.
I send you PM and you can ask them for the ID.


Thanks for your answer , i just find the card number because of your help !


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