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The postcrossing time is UTC/GMT.
In Germany we currently have UTC/GMT +2, which means that if you draw addresses between 0 am and 2 am local time, they still show the date of the previous day.

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Have a problem when I save my new postal address.
I got a PO Box add several days ago, which is rarely used in China today. For example, I live in a city with 8 million citizens, but only a few dozen new mailboxes are added every year, far less than the number of unsubscribes. In fact, it is now almost exclusively used by specific institutions for a short period of time.
China Post has made it clear that it does not need a postal code now. (What few people know is that at present, there is no need to WRITE a postal code to mail domestic letters in China either) The postal code has not been eliminated, but it is only used for information entry and recognition, and no longer needs to be filled in manually.
Back to my question, the address itself doesn’t have a postal code, but I can’t save it. In addition, there is a special point that the postal code of this city is different from most other cities in China, and it cannot be filled in with the first few digits +000, which cannot be recognized :rofl:
So, how do I deal with it?
Actually, PO box add even cannot be recognized in many websites in China, too few users.

Hi @MrSyu!

We understand China Post might have updated guidelines for addressing, but Postcrossing uses the UPU addressing formats for all its addresses. Hopefully this will be updated for China at some point, but for now, please check the UPU recommendations for China — there’s a section about PO box addresses. Here’s what their example looks like:

P.O. Box 100088-008
100088 BEIJING

Basically, you need to write the postal code and the city in a line below the PO box number, and it’ll be ok!

Hi @meiadeleite
No offense, the meaningful of UPU formats is just the country name at the bottom.
China is not an English-speaking country, and inbound letters need to be translated and recognized before being distributed to the delivery center, at which point the address that has been recorded in the database will take effect. The add without postal code is standard and authoritative.
If PC has staff who are Chinese (not ones only understand Chinese but do not live here), I could cite many examples, 'cause there are a few words that I really don’t know how to put in English :joy: