Navigating the site and finding out how to do things

I’ve always prided myself in being able to navigate/figure out new sites and software… however, am I alone in finding things sometimes difficult/hard to find on the Forum side of things?
For instance, I want to add a link to a postcard (with a picture outlined in a blue box) but my first attempts proved fruitless. I then searched for the topic on “how to…” found a response, followed the instructions but no joy. Went back to find the instructions but can’t find them! I also use the search function for other topics before making a new post, find nothing and then find my post is merged with a matching thread already posted. Hmmmmmm… :thinking:


The link has be on it’s own line:

Like this:

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Hi Jarana
Thanks for coming to my rescue! :smile:
I believe I followed the usual cut/paste and put it on its own line but all that appeared was a blue hyperlink. Does it take a few moments to appear?

I’m not sure, maybe when there is a slow internet connection.

Have you tried it again ?

I’ll have a go. x

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:frowning_face: No, still not working. I can’t find the original instructions on how to do it which is just as frustrating. :confounded:

Hm… How do you get the link to the postcard? Sometimes there are several ways and not all are working the way we want.

I usually copy the link from the tab.

For the one box preview (of any site), you just need to post the link on a line on it’s own (no space or any other letter is possible on that line or else it isn’t working). Just enter the URL from the bar at your browser.

If you give it a try here (and post it), I can tell you what the mistake is if it isn’t working :slight_smile:

this will turn into:


Yes, I copied from the tab link of the postcard then pasted it in my post on its own line. If the link is clicked it will take you to the postcard but I’m not getting the same card preview as other members are posting.

Please just post an example, so we may see what is happening in your post :slight_smile:

This is postcard’s page which I highlighted, copied and pasted onto a new line…

Postcard GB-1565850 (

Is it because the http is missing?

This is how you copied the link:

[Postcard GB-1565850 (](

This is how it should be:

Everything in between the square brackets, including the brackets itself is obsolete. The text within the round brackets is all you need for the onebox preview.

I guess you’re on mobile? Can you show a screenshot how (and where) you copy the link from?

I guess it looks like this

@gailthesnail go to the three dots there also should be something like “share” and a possibilty to create a link ( or just hold the Postcard-ID a bit longer, it will copy automatical)

It looks very different for you than for me @Jarana :sweat_smile:

I need to tap into the address bar

and then click the copy icon

@gailthesnail You are copying the url as a link, but you need to copy it as a text (so the forum software may convert it to the onebox preview). If you have different options like “share” and “copy” try them all. If it doesn’t work, mark all text in the address bar and copy then.


Yes, I do the same as you @Cassiopheia , on my mobile phone.

I’ll have a go on my mobile. Thanks everyone!!! SUPERSTARS!!! :star_struck:


I switched directly from the postcrossing forum app (discourse?) to the main site, one different browers it looks like your example @Cassiopheia

Different browsers (or of course the app) all look very different. That’s why it’s always a good idea to show (and compare) screenshots to solve this kind of problems :slight_smile:

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YAY!!! Works on my mobile but not on the laptop. Thanks for confirming I wasn’t losing my marbles! :crazy_face: