National Post Office Tree

Today my postcrossing buddy Duncan Alexander and I drove for two hours to get to the South African National Post Office Tree which is a national monument in Mossel Bay. In 1488 when Bartolomeu Dias from Portugal founded Mossel Bay, they believed that according to tradition, they had to attach a message to a shoe and tie to a tree. The message then would get back to their country…


Wow, they didn’t make it easy for your to post your mail!

Thanks for sharing this fun anecdote with us.


Very interesting, thank you!

I love to see photos of people preparing, writing and mailing proper snailmail! :star_struck:

From what I understand, each piece of mail postrd there gets the Mossel Bay tree postmark

This is very interesting!

Throwback to the time when the blog posted about this tree:


Side note: today I learnt that snail mail is a retronym; it was just called mail before the invention of email


Fascinating! :smiley:

Thanks for the fun fact!

I think I remember the German term “Schneckenpost” (:snail: :email:) from my childhood though (and I am old!). :laughing:

But maybe I am so old already, that I remember things that weren’t really there. :crazy_face:

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Very interesting and thanks for sharing.

All the very best.

The German word “Schneckenpost” is indeed old and was used already in the 19th century (and probably earlier).


I’m so glad I am not demented (yet)! :grinning:

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