NA - US stamp giveaway

(US & Canada only)

I am offering 4 unused US stamps featuring Champlain exploring the coast, like this one:

They were part of a joint issue which I purchased many moons ago not knowing it would include US stamps as well as Canadians. To be clear, this is only the US stamps, not the Canadian ones.

Sign up by replying below, I wil throw the dice next Saturday (October 29th) to see who gets them.


How cool! :smiley: Thank you for this, stamps are going up in price again January 22, 2023, bleh!

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This is awesome!! I collect stamps

Very cool! Thank you for the opportunity. :smile:

I would love to add these to my collection! At least you get to find them a home instead of throwing them away!

Thank you for the generous giveaway and for the opportunity. :+1:t3: Count me in.

Thank you for the lottery!

Thank you…beautiful stamps!

Thank you!!! I love the stamp.

The stamp is beautiful
Thanks :blush:

Thank you so sharing!
So lovely stamp =)

Thanks for the offer!

That’s cool, thanks for the lottery!

Thanks for sharing - the one you show is beautiful!

Thank you for the beautiful stamps! Good luck to everyone!

Thank you for your lottery!

That is lovely. Thank you for the stamp lottery.

The numbers for the lottery entries:

1 – @CrimsonKing

2 – @toadallycool

3 – @ellistrations

4 – @crazyseth

5 – @anon4239658

6 – @Skittykitty

7 – @DaisyDekker

8 – @breeze2902

9 – @johnbradleytlh

10 – @BeeJoyful

11 – @TwasBrillig

12 – @pammykay

13 – @Crystalinne

Apologies to @Sriniketh2897, @Nekotek and @GraniteRainbow as I am only mailing this to US or Canada this time.

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@postbot roll 1d13

:game_die: 4