Mystery Sender.. No Name and No ID? ( Topic Closed/ Mystery Solved)

Hello from the USA! I received this nice card a few days ago. I would love to register it in the PC but it is not identified (sent early October this year. The date being 10/8/2023 )
The sender did not write the ID number and did not write his/her/their name on the postcard either.

PC Service Support can’t find it either. I have tried two times with the PC Service Support. This is the first time I have had a case like this…

Maybe if the sender sees this… They will write a PM to me soon…

Here is what the card looks like

Image Side:

Back side of the card removed by moderator, because it is not allowed to make them public.
from the Community Guidelines:

Keep private information private.
The addresses given to you are private information and can only be used for Postcrossing purposes. Do not share them with anyone or make them public on the internet. This also applies to what is written on the postcards you have received, so please do not scan it.


Maybe also consider putting this information on your profile? Hopefully the sender will check out your profile if they wonder why their card hasn’t been registered.

Something like hello, I received a card dated 10/8/2023 and put some description of the card/decorations on it. However there was no name or ID so I can’t register it. If it came from you, please send me a message.


Hi hi!! @Seracker I will definitely put something like this on my profile!! There were no decorations on the card but I will definitely put a description of what the card looks like!

Best of luck! The forum is not that populous so hopefully using your profile increases the chances of you finding the person!

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I’m going to guess that @AnnieLondonderry sent you this card after she tagged you in the food packaging tag on the 6th November this year. Her profile page shows she lives near Saint Petersburg Florida…where this card has been postmarked.

This is the tag I’m referring to:

ETA: Ooops…I didn’t see the date you mentioned in your original post. The card in question is postmarked 9th November. Are you sure about the August sending date?

Could the date be 11/8/23 - so 8th November? I can only see a tiny bit of it in the corner of your image. It looks like the zero has been written over with a one maybe??


This would also fit the birthday-date mentioned in the message, so I still think you are correct with your find :wink:.


Ooooh! You are very good!! :+1:t2:
I’m embarrassed to say that I did not even read the whole message!


The date that was written was 10/8/23 so it would have been written in October but it could have been 11/8/23 since I do see a line inside of the zero… Although some people do write a line through their zeros…

I will see if they sent the postcard to me since it does fit into the
food packaging postcard and my friend did say that it was indeed and 11 that the person wrote on the postcard…

yes i would just go through your inbox and try to find a tag or swap that matches this card, starting at 8 october.
i’ve received quite a few tag cards without a tag name and/or a forum name, usually from new members who don’t think about it or people just forget it sometimes.

I have messaged a person that I do think sent me the postcard from a tag that I was in… I now just await a message…

I will message here when the mystery of who sent it is solved! :blush:


I just read this thread and have nothing to add - but I’m so curious to know if you find out who sent it! Love the postcard!


It was me! I’m a newb at this–I didn’t think one registered direct swaps/trades. Sorry about the confusion.


You don’t register them. You’d want to write the name of the tag and your user name on the postcard, so when the recipient gets it, they know what it’s for and who it’s from. Hope that helps! :blush:


Wonderful wonderful!! I am glad that I found out who it was from
hehe!! You don’t register direct swaps/trades… You write the tag on it and your username and also name so the person can know who it’s from when they see the tag and your name when they receive a postcard from you…

The confusion was fun !! It was bit of a mystery!! :blush::sparkles:


Maybe there could be a mystery swap, where you get a card with clues that you must decipher to figure out who it’s from. I love puzzles, myself.

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There is a solve the murder mystery RR. You get postcards with clues from other people and once you get all the postcards in the mail with the clues, then you can solve the murder. You might like joining that.

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The mystery is solved now!! If a moderator see this, I think we can close this post now…

Thank you guys for all your help!! :blush::sparkles:

Maybe Postcrossing should have a page called “A Home for Wayward Postcards,” where people could post pictures of cards they’ve received but have no registration number. Maybe people would see a card that they sent but never got a “received” message. I wonder how many thousands of these orphaned cards there would be.


This idea reminds me of the Missing Post Office in Japan