My Silliest Postcrossing Mistake Ever

Awwww! I :blue_heart: that! :smiley: :clap:


Last week, I was in a small town in Germany. I had written and stamped Postcrossing cards and addressed and stamped but not yet written vacation cards for friends in my purse, I saw a mailbox and know I mailed something, but I have no idea what. I’m curious if any of my friends will get unwritten postcards from Germany late this week or next.


I am realizing some of my pen pals in Europe have the same exact last name as my neighbors and somehow once in awhile my postcards to Europe end up in my neighbors mailbox instead. Yes I was tired and the mailman tried to be kind !


I have done this too once!


I have once misunderstood a stamp asking, it was something like “make an icing to a cake with nice stamps”, and I thought, they like decorations, and very specific, a cake, with icing made of stamps. And so I did it. Only after I mailed it, I heard or saw this saying again, with another thing and realised…they didn’t ask any craft to be made! They meant, using nice stamps is icing to the cake, makes the card nicer. I felt so so stupid and embarassed :fearful:, I didn’t even explain it in my card at all, because I thought they for some reason like such decoration. And the funniest thing is, in their hurray they didn’t comment the weird cake decoration in any ways :smile:

A newer one, and has happened at least twice: I read a profile, look their favourites, find something I like, favourite it, look at the sender, end up to totally different profiles, and remember they like some theme or topic, choose a card, write it and mail it. Then…I remember, it was the wrong profile! Not very funny, but I hope they don’t think too much “why this card, why this topic” :slight_smile:


I got hurrey message from Germany that she got my card with remarks from post which said. “insufficient stamp value, add additional stamp and repost”. Surprisingly card travelled from India to Germany with that remark. It was delivered to recipient. Now I make sure to buy stamp of correct denominations.


That happens to the best. I forgot to put on a stamp a few times​:face_with_peeking_eye::sweat_smile:

I have a stamp sheet of self-adhesive stamps that for some reason never arrive to destination… the worst is when they don’t arrive to the postbox either :sob:
buying it was really a mistake…

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Not my mistake, but my friend was recently in Germany and then Italy. She mailed a postcard to me from Italy but then realized after that she had put a German stamp on it. I’m not sure if the Italian post will send it on. I’ll have to wait and see! :slightly_smiling_face:


Which one should I chose? The one to post crossing administration as I received a card from Ukraine and it had no ID. Turns out it was card was for thanking me for trade which I forgot! Too many trades on the go!
I’m just back from Europe and I was on travel mode. The first one I drew to Fi I forgot to write down the address on the card. No problem just go onto my email account! Whoops locked out after trying different passwords. I emailed Administration and the Fi lady, I need a address or you can wait till I get home! 3 weeks later still travelling it dawned on me there’s the address on my home page, right front of me I felt so dum so on the card I apologized for the delay, so she will get LT card with an Irish stamp. I did sent out the other 29 cards with no problems!


Honestly, I think it’s really lovely of you that you went out of your way and fulfilled that “wish” :smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :smiling_face:

If I were to receive this card of yours, I’d appreciate it a lot (never mind that it was a misunderstanding :wink: – or if so, it might have made me appreciate it even more(!) :smile: :upside_down_face: )

I feel that’s a very nice reminder that despite the fact that we’re SEEING / READING mostly English on Postcrossing main page and in Postcrossing forum, we actually have very different language backgrounds. :slight_smile:


Once I decorated a card and completely forgot to leave space for writing… To a post crosser who explicitly mentioned the importance of the text part. Only enough space for the ID left. :grin: I had to laugh about myself, things happen.


Not a PostCrossing mistake, but a postal mistake.

I recently sent off to the UK to get a specific cancellation stamp.

I sent the postcard, self addressed & stamped, in an envelope with a note stating what I was trying to get.

I put an American global stamp on the card. :woman_facepalming:t2: I didn’t think twice about doing so.

The irony is Royal Mail mailed my (unstamped) postcard back to me, in an envelope with a note basically saying they can’t mail me the card back stamped bc of the incorrect stamp on it. I still have no idea how to get the correct postage though in order to try again to get the cancellation stamp.


That is a wonderful wonderful story! The “icing on the cake” is an English idiom about something extra that makes a good thing even better - your creative interpretation would be the very best icing on the very best cake! I’m sure the recipient thought it lovely and sweet :slight_smile:


It should have happened one day… i mixed up domestic and international stamps - very similar design, will never buy those ones again.
Now i need to decide if i am resending 3 cards straight away (2 of them are Tausendschön), or if i wait and hope for the miracle to happen…


If they are not going to China or Russia, but to a country where they should arrive within 2-3 weeks, why not wait? The worst case would be waiting a month, realizing that they never started their journey, and sending new cards a month later. The best case would be saving money for more cards and stamps.


Fingers crossed that they will make it!
:upside_down_face: :crossed_fingers: