My postcards are always overdue

I came to this website more than two months, I mailed ten postcards, only two were confirmed to receive, comparison, I am very sad.


Mail to and from China is usually very slow. My average travel time for cards from China is 38 days (including many pre-corona cards), but anything up to 100 days is quite normal. So I guess you just need patience but they will arrive at some point :postcard: :partying_face:


Yes, it can be frustrating in the beginning waiting for cards to be received.

But I’d echo @curry-king - mail is quite slow to & from China. It’s also often very slow for Russia & I have my most expired cards from there.

The US can be slow depending on how the pandemic is flaring up & the Delta waves are definitely slowing down postal services around the world right now.

I find mail to & from Taiwan seems to arrive in batches & clearly is being held for a bigger shipment sometimes as I can get 2 cards in one day that are dated 1 month apart.

I don’t know if you’ve done any direct swaps, tags or lotteries on the Forum - it’s a great way to get more cards (unofficial of course) while you’re waiting for your official cards to be received.

Hang in there, it gets better & it’s so worth it!


I just joined in July, and 2 postcards I sent to China have both taken over 40 days, but they did finally arrive. I have received one card from Hong Kong and the sender sent it about 40 days before I got it. Right now I only have 7 cards traveling at a time, and they are all to places that take a very long time. It’s hard to wait, isn’t it? That is why I joined some round robins in the meantime. I suspect it will be awhile before I get my 25th card sent so that I can have 8 traveling at a time.

Yes, the waiting is very hard, but it is very exciting when we get cards or someone who has received one of our cards sends a nice note. That makes the wait worth it.



P.M. from germany

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Pm sent

No, don’t be sad!

We all know very well how frustrating the long waits can be. :laughing:

But please don’t give up; we want you to stay!

None of my cards to China has ever gotten lost completely–they always arrive eventually. Don’t lose hope. :heartbeat: