My most precious - postcards and children

Late last August I received the most precious postcard I ever have: one from my daughter who was not yet eight years old then, from her first trip alone with her friend’s family to Poland.

Both my daughter and her brother have seen me write and send postcards in our trips together. At first their contribution was to put the card in the mailbox (as seen in photo on top row, second column), and sometimes they would contribute a little drawing as part of the message.

Then they began to sometimes send their own postcard, and once they started to write they sometimes complemented the little drawing with a few words. They both sent cards from trips and museums to their school and kindergarten.

Lately we were browsing some cards that I recently received via postcrossing. We talked about Edgar free cards, artistic ones and advertisement. My daughter was intrigued by notion of receiving cards from people I didn’t actually know, because so far we’ve been sending to our friends and family. We are now considering sending postcards to children or refugees through one of the initiatives that facilitate such kind of kindness.


What a sweet surprise to get a postcard from your daughter! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: She has excellent handwriting for someone so young; good for her!

I don’t have children myself, but I love sending mail to children. (I have tried to encourage my young niece and nephew to send cards or drawings back to me, to no avail. :joy: I don’t blame them; they have other fun kid stuff to do.)

If there is such an initiative to send cards to children/refugees, I’m on board! The “non-Random Acts of Smileness” category would be a great place to post such a cause. There is currently a post there now about sending birthday cards to a boy in Canada who is unable to have a birthday party due to Covid.

In the meantime, keep your darling children interested in sending mail; they could be future Postcrossers!


My niece is the same. She did however draw a few things to send to me on World Postcard Day. Her grandmother had to write the message though. My niece in more interested in drawing (which fine by me) much to her grandmother’s chagrin.

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In addition to the information in Postcrossing’s blog post titled “Helping children through postcards”, I also found these two initiatives:

I haven’t yet tried any of them.

That’s a great idea! My two children’s birthday is on the 11th and 14th of November, and we have been lamenting our inability to throw a proper party because of the restrictions due to COVID19. So if anyone would like to send a happy-birthday postcard to them, I can write you our address privately.

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Yes, please! :partying_face: I cannot guarantee that it will arrive on time, but I would be happy to send a card! :heart: