My first press sheet! (USPS)

I’m kind of a stickler for not paying too much above face value, and I really wanted these stamps :shopping:

Solution: USPS’s official eBay store. Coming soon to the What stamps do you use on postcards/letters? Show us! thread near you :grinning:

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Nice! I’ve been looking for those just didn’t want to get an entire press

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Moved to #communities:north-america since this information is for residents in the USA. Thanks.

those are lovely stamps I remember those but wasn’t into stamps collecting at the time. Now I am.

I know you posted this a while ago! My local PO had 3 sheets left the other day when I was buying stamps, but wouldn’t sell them to me. I was so bummed because I had never seen them in person. I tried to suggest that they cost the same as other Forever stamps, but she didn’t care. Oh well, great deal for you!

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There’s a forum member offering swaps of these stamps, if you want some