My envelop has returned from India

I don’t know this topic is suitable here or not.
But I have no way to search the man whom I’d like to contact with. :disappointed:

I was very surprised that I received an envelop which I sent on April 9th 2022 to India. :fearful:

He sent me a private message around 22/03/22.
He wrote to me that It’s hard to buy Washi tapes in his country, so he requests me to send washi tapes.
And he agreed to send special covers and stamps …and sent me them ,very beautiful postcard (Holi Festival’s one) and honest messages in advance.
As soon as I received his envelop, I sent him many washi tapes !

But it was returned in my mail box ,today.:sob:
Due to the sticker on the envelop " This was returned from India the reason for return is not displayed".

I want to contact to him and tell about this fact. So…I searched our messages on the forum…but I can’t find them. I know his name and address, but I can’t remember his postcrossing’s name . He must be disappointed …

If he finds my message, please contact me.
I’ll send it again.

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It seems that an address was visible


If you had contact through the forum, go to your messages and use the search function. E.g. with his zip code / city. If he had written down his address (and not used a picture) it’s easy to find the message that way! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your kindness. :pray: :star2:
I tried it , but I couldn’t find them.
Maybe we sent messages each other not on the forum but our private E-mails.
At that time ,I was a beginner of the swapping ( he was, too )…so I’m not sure how I did. :persevere:

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Try a search in you email account then. Another option, not too easy though… depending on where he lives exactly, is to use the search function on the main site!

User Search

You may enter country, region and city and filter only active users. Maybe you remember the profile picture or the city isn’t too big with just a few postcrossers.


Oh !!!
There is only one man from the city I sent.
However the profile picture is different from my memory, the profile is very similar to what can remember.
I 'll contact to him :star_struck:

Thank you very much .
I hope he is he !!!


If this is the right user, please let me know here so that I can close the topic.
If it’s not him, then I’ll move the topic to Indian subcontinent - maybe he’s reading along there and will get in touch with you.


Thank you .
I’ve just sent him a message with this link.
I’m sure to tell you here when I 'll receive his message. :pray:


@Kaorim5 , I received email from you. I think, I am the correct person if name is Manish Kapgate :smile::smile:.


Yes , it’s the name I wrote my envelop.

What a special experience for me !
Thank you for @Cassiopheia , @Bille :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This was so wholesome :heart::sunflower:
Glad I saw this before it was closed :lock::100:


@Kaorim5 + @snailmailermk
Good that you have found each other.

I close the topic now.