My dog ate my postcard! What do I do?

So I come downstairs to check to see if I received any post. I see an envelope which thankfully is totally fine and then pieces of a postcard and my dog looking up at me super guilty.

I tried to see if any of the pieces had the entire postcard ID or not but I could only see it ended in 7 because there were bits missing (I assume she swallowed some of the pieces)

I am putting in measures to make sure she does not eat any future postcard but I don’t know what to do about the one that was destroyed. I am really sorry to the person who sent it to me. I did not know my dog would completely destroy a postcard (she has chewed the side of one before but that is it)

So what should I do?


Your only chance is to ask the Postcrossing team for help - combined with a lot of patience, as maybe there will be several postcards ending with 1 oder 7 that are on the way to you.
You can find the URL for that on the main site when registering cards. Or here: Log in

You can add the text you wrote here in order to explain what happened, and also upload a photo of what’s left of the postcard (front and back).


Thank you! I’ll do that now :slight_smile:


“My dog ate my homework!” :joy::joy::joy:
I think the Postcrossing team can help.


Oh my god :rofl:

This had happened years ago to a former colleague - unfortunately the dog ate her income tax card. Imagine the face of the tax officer when she asked for a new one :rofl::rofl:


Okay so I ended up putting all the pieces together and I ended up getting the postcard ID (before this I just look to see if a singular piece had the postcard ID)

No treats for my doggo today (well unless they do something very good)


Now that is crazy hahaha

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I thought those excuses would be done after I left secondary school but alas no lol


I will close this topic now as I think there won’t be any more helpful answers.

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