My card took 15 years! (Back to me)

I’ve not been an active postcrosser for many years. So I was very much surprised when I got a card today, especially as it was one I sent myself!

15! Years! Ago!

I sent it from Meppen (Germany) to Gabriele in Trier (also Germany) in 2005. And apparently the card couldn’t be delivered (“recipient could not be found”). I have no idea how it took the German mail more than 15 years to get it back to me, my address is on the card and it’s the SAME COUNTRY :sweat_smile:

I wanted to contact Gabriele but her account is closed :pensive:


15 years. Unbelievable!

Maybe a daily newspaper in Trier would be willing to write a small article about it and maybe you’ll be lucky and the recipient will read it and contact the newspaper or you.

But before that, you should ask the support if it is allowed to mention the recipient’s username in the article.

And maybe you’ll feel like writing some cards again.


This is amazing!

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Wow! And I thought Italian Poste Office was crazy!
I wonder how many postcards are lost somewhere in postal offices…


:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

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This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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I bet it fell behind some machines in the sorting center and now they were moving stuff around. :smiley: Amazing!


Haha yes, :sweat_smile: I had that thought too


What an amazing story!

Wow. I was born in 2005!!


That’s really crazy…
But i am wondering, do you note your adress on the card so that the german post can return it?

BR from munich, pdde

Yes, I did put my address on it just in case, for situations like this. :grin:
I’ve sent over 400 cards through postcrossing and only a few came back, none of them took this long though.

Crazy to believe there are stories out there like this that could happen to any of us! Thanks for sharing. :love_letter:

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I guess there is still some hope for the cards that got stuck somewhere in the pandemic last year :joy:


Sounds about as efficient as government-run businesses in the US. hahaha…


Amazing story.

One happy ending for one postcard out of the many lost postcards that we have all sent but which never reached their intended destinations. :clap::clap::clap::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Very lucky postcard:)

Fortunately you put your adress on it, so at least you got it back. I ususally don’t put my adress on postcards, maybe I should from now on, because recently a large amount of cards got lost - or will arrive in 15 years :wink:

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Well, the postage is doubled in this 15 years.

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