My apology

I apologize to all of my friends who asked for a direct swap but never heard back from me. I apologize to all of my friends who have emailed me but have not received a response, as well as to all of my funs who have sent me direct cards but have not received a card back.
There came a moment when the economy deteriorated and postage actually increased in cost. Though this time, all of my cards will be sealed in envelopes, I would have been open to a direct swap. To save on posting costs, I might post more than one card at a time. Thank you


You are not obligated to reply to those who request a trade, although it is courteous to reply with your decline answer. On the other hand, if others sent you cards in good faith and you did not reciprocate, that is on you; a “deteriorating economy” is a weak excuse in my opinion.

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I don’t believe that this is necessarily the case. With inflation running between 40 and 60% depending on what you read, Ghanaians may have more on their mind that sending postcards, for a while. I believe that we should extend the same consideration in this instance as we would to any other person faced with the choice between navigating a personal crisis and Postcrossing.

@farakhan44 has not said that he won’t honour swaps, simply apologised for delays and said that they might be sent by a different means. To me this seems up-front and appropriate rather than ‘a poor excuse’.


@xxxxyyyyzzzz. Thank you for understanding. It was just an apology and to say I will be replying all backlogs.
@cliffside. The apology is meant for those who sent me a post card without informing me and those who requested for a direct swap and were declined. Thank you.


@farakhan44 if that is the case, you need to reword your initial post because the part about sending cards is very confusing. Thanks.