Multiview cards

I see a lot of people stating that they don’t like multiview cards – I’m very curious about this. Why do people seem to dislike them so much?

Thanks to everyone for your comments, which have helped me understand why people don’t like multiview cards. I personally like them, but would never send to someone who specifically states they aren’t into them! No need for any more responses!


I’m not a fan most of the time because you can’t see enough detail in the many pictures - I much prefer one image of a decent size so you can get a good level of detail.


Although I do not mention it in my profile at all, because I prefer not to tell people what not to send me, I’m not a huge fan of multi-view cards because I find them both distractingly busy, and the images too small.

If I’m receiving viewcards, I much prefer a single image. One that I can see clearly and just sings by itself. One that I don’t have to squint at, to make out the details. :+1:t2:


Multiple images are too small. Often only half on them is interesting. Often the layout is strange.


A few years ago, I was chatting with my wholesale supplier about postcards. This fellow has been in the business for more than 45 years. The subject of multi-views came up. He mentioned that postcard publishers here in the US starting publishing more multi-views rather than single views in order to cut costs.

I must admit a weakness for European multi-views. Some are quite attractive, especially the Multi-view that is a “collage.” Generally, I prefer to have no more than 6 views on the card (the lesser the better). But my main preference is for single views.


I do not have a lot of new ideas to add to the previous posts. I prefer not to receive multi views because they are very small and it is hard to see the details (and sometimes badly printed…). Then considering that I organize those of my cards about places according to what they show:castles, churches, railway stations… multi views are hard to fit.
Of course some small places have only multi view cards, then I am quite happy to receive one. But a multiview of Paris or Berlin or Wien…, I have to confess this does not make me happy at all…

I’m actually the opposite and like multiview postcards. I find them interesting and they help me to relate to the place from where the card is sent. I think it’s nice to see all the different “faces” of any given city/region/country. When it comes to the sometimes odd layouts, I personally love them and a dash of quirkiness is always a good thing in my book :wink:

I still would not send a multiview to someone who explicitly states they do not wish to receive them. I understand the reasons people have presented in this topic and besides I really don’t think Postcrossing is the place to troll people. In addition, tourist cards in general are quite hard to find in many smaller communities in my country so finding any sort of tourist card sometimes feels like looking for the infamous needle from a haystack.


For aging eyes, they can be difficult to see!

As many said before: Multiviews are quite small and not so easy to look at.
And they are not so nice decoration in my room, because they are sooooo small pictures. Cards with just one picture are (usually) more decorative and I can see them when I lift my eyes from the laptop, for example, looking at the shelves.

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Thanks to everyone for your comments, which have helped me understand why people don’t like multiview cards. I personally like them, but would never send to someone who specifically states they aren’t into them!

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But I don’t think it can be called trolling if someone sends a multi view even when someone doesn’t like it? At least I don’t want to think so.

I used to not like multi vies, just because the images often are very small and not even clear what there is. And sometimes it’s hard to figure is this building small, large, normal…
Also, multi views of Oulu are so strange, like there can be a photo of city ditch, dressing huts from beach, old street view, a cafeteria…and no explanation on the other side, so all my card message becomes telling what these are :grimacing:

Main reason I took “please no multiviews” away ( I hope I took it away!), because I got many who apologised how those cards were all they had :frowning: and I started feeling so bad, because it’s not that important. And then there are lovely multi views as well.

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I actually really like these type of crazy multiviews that you describe, the ones that show the odd places and the popular places! But I am a fan of tacky and old postcards!

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Yes, once the receiver told this in their Hurray, when I wrote that I really don’t know anything about the reasons, and that these are not anything typical or popular, how they laughed to my descriptions, especially to the dressing huts.

And funny is, I like receiving this style weird things, but not sending.

I love multiview cards :heart:


I like multi-view postcards. I keep a few in my stash (<10), most times I will mail single view postcards.